• What is Young Living Essential Oils?

Young Living Essential Oils was founded in 1993 by Gary Young, with its main headquarters in Utah. Young Living is the ONLY company with farms and distilleries all over the world, making them the world leader in pure authentic essential oils and essential oil products designed to enhance people’s quality of life. Since its founding, Young Living has become the world leader in cultivatingdistillation, and production of pure authentic essential oils and aromatherapy products

Their over 450 products fall into 4 basic categories:

~ Essential Oils ~ Nutritional Supplements ~ Personal/Home Care Products ~ Compensation Plan

  • Why do we consider the compensation plan a 4th product category?  

The compensation plan is a huge benefit to those who choose to use it, but just like any other product Young Living offers – some will use it, some will not. Some will use it now, or in the future, while others never will. Like every other product Young Living offers, there is no pressure, just results.

  • What are my options for purchasing Young Living Products?         

You can purchase Young Living Products:

  1. As an Independent Distributor: You can buy Young Living products at wholesale pricing (a 24% discount off retail pricing), share Young Living products with others, take part in the Young Living Essential Rewards Program, and earn commission when sharing Young Living products with others. This option requires purchasing an independent distributor enrollment kit.
  2. As a Customer: You will pay the full retail pricing on Essential Oils. This does not require purchasing an independent distributor enrollment kit.
  • If I select Independent Distributor, do I have to sell the product?

No, sharing the product with others in order to earn an additional income is an option you have available as an independent distributor, but is not required. The only thing required by Young Living in order to maintain your account and keep it active, is placing a 50PV order every twelve months — other companies such as Costco or Sam’s club charge you a yearly fee in order to be able to shop at discounted prices – with Young Living, you actually get product instead of having to pay a fee.

Most members never encounter having an account go inactive, as spending 50PV in a year is not hard to do, considering our wide line of essential oils, home care products, and nutritional supplements.

However, we believe if you are getting results with our products, you will naturally want to share information about these products with those you care about. You never know whose life can be positively impacted by sharing with them natural health solutions that they can have in their home easily with our industry leading essential oil line up. Sharing something you personally use and love comes naturally, and often members begin sharing and earning some income through our compensation plan naturally.

  • Why did Young Living choose to use a network franchise marketing model?       

It is no secret that word-of-mouth is the strongest form of advertising. Young Living utilizes a popular and brilliant business model that allows the average person a chance to have their own successful business for a fraction of what it would cost to start their own business from scratch, or buy a traditional franchise.

In an effort to fulfill their mission of bringing Wellness, Purpose, and Abundance into every household in the world, Young Living decided to use the network franchise marketing model to encourage health and prosperity to anyone who wants it.

Young Living never pressures its members to ‘sell’ anything, but they do believe that financial prosperity and overall abundance is a right that we all have as humans. Instead of paying a marketing and advertising firm to promote their products, Young Living uses that budget to share their profits with all the wholesale members of the company who choose to refer to the company for compensation.

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